soul'n soul & more


soul'n soul & more


soul'n soul & more




soul is spirit, soul is life, soul is love …




more is about our world …




music, lyrics, arrangements, production, various instruments, vocals


2021 – the year after 2020! This sounds weird but as we all know – there is a reason.

Not only the virus is a reason – more is the earthwide, almost ignored situation about environment, climate and society.

But there still are feelings, love and beauty next to all about that …

And so SOUL’n SOUL & MORE includes different types of songs.


The album and all tracks are released as a digital distribution only. The production is private and independent without an official label included. All instruments played, recording and mastering – Heinz Broucek @2021.

All music & lyrics by Heinz Broucek – except otherwise mentioned for specific tracks.

All videos are produced by Heinz Broucek.

Special credits for my children and grandchildren – I sincerely hope that the situation on our world will change in time for peaceful and worthy decades full of luck and love.